Why should I hire a Business Broker?

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CONFIDENTIALITY – A Business Broker will release information over time as the buyer’s interest and commitment level increases.  Blind advertising and contact with known buyers is used to attract a buyer, after the buyer signs a confidentially agreement the offering memorandum is provided, and finally after an offer is agreed on a buyer has access to all information including trade secrets.   

OFFERING MEMORANDUM – A booklet containing 25 to 100 pages of information concerning your business is prepared.   It is much like an annual report for a publicly traded company including 3 years of financial performance history.   The purpose is to answer a majority of the questions a buyer will have in evaluating the purchase of your business.

MARKETING & ADVERTISING – Develop a marketing plan specifically targeting the types of buyers that will be interested in your business.  Steps will include searching buyer databases, alerting brokers in professional associations, private equity groups and known buyers who have personal relationships with the principals.   Next will be target marketing through trade publications, direct mail and internet sites used specifically for mergers and acquisitions.

QUALIFING BUYERS – The Business Broker will focus on those prospects that are financially qualified and who are genuinely interested in your type of business.

PRESENTING THE BUSINESS – The professional Business Broker will spend the time with a buyer to answer all questions, obtain answers to additional questions, and make sure trade secrets are not disclosed until the proper time.  This allows you to focus on operating the business on a day to day.

NEGOTIATING THE SALE – Your Business Broker will be a vital advisor during the negotiations.  First he will insist on adequate time for review of an offer or counter offer; and second not allow any face to face negotiations until the right moment.  His experience in negotiating price, terms, and other key aspects of the sale will be guiding the seller each step of the way.

DUE DILIGENCE & FINANCING – A Business Broker will stay involve with all aspects of your sale transaction to assure it is moving toward closing in a timely fashion.  This will involve coordinating bankers, appraisers, accountants, and attorneys for both parties.  You can continue focusing on maintaining sales and profits on their upward trend so there will be no surprises that will wreck your sale.

CLOSING & POST CLOSING – A professional Business Broker will be by your side to assist with any remaining issues until the day your obligations end.

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